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august movies

Yes this was the image that came up when I searched August movies and first two movies. And yes somehow I kept a list of the movies but not the months so there’s a bit of a mash up here however, I wasn’t around much so I didn’t see as many. Traveling, enjoying the weather and such.

70 – The Good Girl – ok Aniston indie
71 – Morning Glory – just as expected
72 – Dirty Pretty Things – dark, disturbing, upsetting
73 – The Conjuring – Annabelle, dear god
74 – In Time – so damn dumb75 – Argo – good second time
76 – Elysium – not enough story
77 – Prometheus – someone asked me
78 – Your Sister’s Sister – almost, not quite
79 – Trance – overcomplicated but pretty
80 – Recount – Jonathan can write!
81 – The Simpsons Movie – on a plane
82 – Pacific Rim – going to Spain
83 – The Wolverine –  just looking for
84 – The Oranges – anything to watch
85 – Captain Phillips – Seal Team 6 badassery
86 – Iron Man 3 – Manchurian, clever twist
87 – Oblivion – poor matrix ripoff
88 – Magdalene Sisters – cruelty until 1996!
89 – Catching Fire – love Jennifer Lawrence
90 – This is 40 – only for 30+
91 – The Hobbit – I liked it
92 – Identity Thief – better second time
93 – Mama – delToro’s crushing endings
94 – 21 Jump Street – it’s clever – really!
95 – Toxic Hot Seat – chem doc frightens
96 – Elf – before Zooey’s overdorkable
97 – Phil Spector – that shit’s crazy

july movies

I know. While I was shocked to see I had not posted since June my shame was not strong enough to compel me to search for images of the 60+ images I’d need for the posts. That’s a normal image search for Raul but for Mr Lousy it’s a matter of posting with an image crap out or not post at all. To post it is.

I searched for –  movie july and the first two titles on my list and this was the first image that came up on Google. I don’t know and I don’t care. Here’s the list.

57 – The Heat – Sookie + Miss Congeniality58 – World War Z – not the book
59 – Now You See Me – frothy, improbable entertainment
60 – This Is the End – cameos, weed, apocalypse
61 – The Intouchables – funny, touching, must-see
62 – The Bling Ring – it was ok
63 – I’m So Excited – very tame Almodovar
64 – Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – sucker for McGregor
65 – Pacific Rim 3D IMAX – solid summer blockbuster
66 – The Company Men – recession still stings
67 – The Orphanage – bagface still creeps
68 – W – finally enough distance
69 – Stoker – pretty, weird, stylized


What better way to spend Christmas than parked on the couch in front of the TV for some binge watching.

I haven’t posted so long I don’t even know if I know how to do it. So I am totally cheating and I’m just going to do a running list of thoughts that pop into my head as I begin watching the first episode of the first season. I will be watching with a Viewing Companion who will think up a persona in due time.

Let’s begin.
Darla. I didn’t recognize her at first. My viewing companion claims that Darla was at first a throwaway character that was further developed Read the rest of this entry »

So now the almost entirely gay male cast has been granted new characters (save for Jonathan Frid, who gets his first shot at the pre-vampire Barnabas) and transported back to 1795, where men were men and wore trousers nearly tight enough for determining circumcision status.

In the scene where Barnabas confirms that he will be marrying Angelique, Lt. Forbes seems distressed, enough so to march over, outrageously splay his legs, and all but thrust his dick into Barnabas’s trembling mouth.

Frid plays the broken man here, still in his mourning attire but wearing gratuitously applied make-up, while Joel Crothers appears quite comfortable preening in Lt. Nathan Forbes’ anachronistic naval uniform, which looks as though a grandmother’s complete spoon collection has been affixed to the lapels. Now armed with a phallic saber and pre-1970s seventies sideburns, the actor reaches dizzying degrees of Read the rest of this entry »

Admittedly, I have been somewhat bored by my first foray into Dark Shadows time travel, but rest assured I perked up when Naomi Collins suffered this nightmare after the terrifying tarot card reading by the Countess Du Pres, whose disembodied voice is heard coaxing Naomi along toward the thrilling, shocking, and  all-around delightful conclusion of her dream, which I am not sure was inspired more by those ominous tarot cards or by Angelique’s witchery. Maybe Read the rest of this entry »