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january movieSo yeah – January 2013 movies posted on Feb 16. Well at least it’s not February 28.

1 – Freakonomics – Nerds make infotainment
2 – My Week with Marilyn – Redmayne bugs me
3 – Coco Before Chanel – Does Tatou age?
4 – Gaslight – suave manipulation handbook
5 – Little Women – was Jo happy?
6 – Elmer Gantry – is fervor faith?
7 – Garden State – bit too cute
8 – Contagion – hysterical hypochondriac fodder
9 – The Hobbit – I liked it!
10 – Hanna – Atonement director surprises
11 – Out of the Past – noir on overdrive
12 – Thor – Not too bad
13 – Captain America – surprisingly charming heroics
14 – Bottle Shock – tradition vs passion
15 – 2046 – couldn’t finish it

Yes you read that right. I could not finish 2046. It’s beautiful. And confusing. Maybe I’m too dumb to get it or maybe too impatient. Probably a little of both. Even though I really shouldn’t put a movie I didn’t finish on the list, I feel the number of times I tried to watch the damn thing merits a spot.



Avengers star Harry Dean Stanton dazzles on the red carpet at the film premiere.

  • We arrive about mid-way through the first film, the Pixar movie Brave.  It seems that marionnettes are working in conjunction with the Pixar creation team.  The film looks cute.  I am surprised it focuses on a mother-daughter relationship since most kid movies are boy-centered.  We like it and wish we had shown up earlier, but we were there to see Avengers.

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It’s simple really. 6 Avengers. 12 balls. Pick two.