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I was recently in London and went to the Harry Potter studio tour. This is the park that merchandising built, where they have preserved the actual sets, costumes, props and models from the Harry Potter films for fans to go gaga over for years to come. More on this later.

But I want to address something here. Crookshanks in the HP books is angry, ugly orange cat. There is a bulletin board with all the different Crookshanks from the HP films. So Hunger Games producers, here’s your chance to make Buttercup right. The Potter films are done. The cats need work. Since you couldn’t manage to find an orange cat in the States, maybe you need to extend your search overseas. It happens. American television is littered with secret Brits.

They’re all here. All you have to do is pick one. You’re welcome.


Doris W. demands her Finnick after Fonda envisioning exercise:

Raúl has a preliminary pick: Hunter Parrish as Finnick in the next The Hunger Games movie Catching Fire. He auditioned for Peeta, so his name may still be in the hat. Isn’t Finnick blonde? Parrish would fit. The actor has to be able to act enough so that we don’t trust him and don’t understand him, all while being irresistibly charming and handsome. I think Parrish can act okay, and he played Jesus in a Broadway revival of Godspell, so he’s good enough to get on Broadway, and he’s already played a martyr.

Please refer to this video for charm and handsomeness. Irresistibility may lie in the eye of the beholder. Please study the batting eyelashes and concluding smile before rendering your verdict.

We’ve still got another Hunger Games sequel to go, so now is the time for the Mockingjay District 13 presidential campaign to begin. I am already endorsing Jane Fonda for President Coin.  Perfect on so many levels.  She exudes an off-putting air of superiority and presents as seemingly sympathetic yet somewhat icy.  Her Read the rest of this entry »