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Spike crows about how he likes tools!

Spike crows about how he likes tools!

Now it’s on! Season two kicked off with When She Was Bad,  featuring some summertime character development for Buffy while harking back to the finale of s1. Next came Some Assembly Required, which hews closer to the monster-of-the-week formula, marking a holding place in the series. The third episode, School Hard, makes a hard left in a new direction and casts a dismissive eye at s1’s leftover villain, The Anointed One, who finally meets his just end Read the rest of this entry »

Jerry Supiran, child star of the infamous late eighties sitcom, Small Wonder, is broke and homeless.  He played Jamie, the unfathomably annoying son in the home of the family that kept a robot with the form of a little girl in a maid’s uniform as a domestic slave.  I consider him within the bottom five worst child actors in television history.  He is a contender for #1.

I announced this misfortune to my family, who, predictably, almost all  understood the news that I was recounting.  My sister-in-law snapped, “Good!” – with her voice inflecting an unmistakable “Serves him right!” pitiless judgment.  It’s as though his absolutely horrendous performance on the 1980s syndicated sitcom had finally been accounted for and the child actor whose shouting, whiny delivery of inexcusably awful jokes was now paying the Read the rest of this entry »

I think this might qualify as the first web-only series that I’ve watched.  Is this a watershed moment?

Is Burning Love worthy of such a momentous milestone?

So far, not really, but I’m not issuing any pronouncements yet.  I do love to see so many familiar faces from Party Down, but I have a sense that they are slumming a bit.  Ken Marino (who holds the triple crown in my book for appearing as in Angel, Read the rest of this entry »