todas-sus-guerras-dvdThe title mirrors Mexican film great María Félix’s autobiography, Todas mis guerras, so I thought the documentary would bear semblance to the book, which was really a doozy, packed with sex, scandal, international name-dropping, outlandish diva behavior, and insight into the mind of a star so egotistical she bordered on sociopathic.

Instead, you get a chronological review of her films (almost all of which are presented with dreadful sound quality), littered with leaden narration making scarce mention to broader Mexican/European cinema or the actress’s rather astonishing life.

todas-mis-guerras-libroWhat a missed boat! Just read the book instead. She seldom holds back, and if you think her egoism in print is shameless, just listen to the interview snippet with Enrique Krauze.

In less than a minute and a half, her self-aware responses, delivered in almost manic staccato speech, offer more understanding of what made María Félix María Félix than this entire dull film posing as biography.