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While the news of Burke Devlin’s plane being lost in the Amazon might have come as a terrible shock, I am left reeling by the Pucci look that Elizabeth Collins Stoddard is wearing to receive the tragic news. I assume the dress is a knock-off. I haven’t noticed that Ohrbach’s, the department store providing the Dark Shadows wardrobe, has ever gone for big designers, but this could be that jump now that in October of 1967 Barnabas has turned the Read the rest of this entry »

Sam's portrait of Phoenix with David

The Ghost of Josette forced Sam Evans into painting a work that was declared “horrible, just horrible” by almost every member of the cast except David, whose face was added in by Josette later to make her warning even more concrete.

So I went into the early days of Dark Shadows believing that only with the arrival of Barnabas after some odd 200 episodes would the series go headlong into the occult and supernatural.

How can we not recognize Laura Collins, the Phoenix, who just by making crazy eyes can put commanding matriarchs into an inexplicable coma, send cars careening out of control, and slip her enemies into trances that involve some initial confusion expressed with head shaking like a wet dog drying itself off, some exaggerated staggering preferably on the staircase in the foyer, and calculated memory wipes on paranormal professors and cemetery caretakers!

Here is Laura Collins/The Phoenix, in action, as always, sitting Read the rest of this entry »

Bill Malloy has gone missing! Did Victoria Winters and Caroline Stoddard really see his corpse being Read the rest of this entry »

Another from the first couple of weeks in July of 1966.

Caroline Stoddard (Nancy Barrett) tries with a lighthearted jest to reassure her mother, Collins matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (Joan Bennett), but unwittingly causes supernatural consternation.

I think the writers are sending us a message. You, like Caroline, may think we’re joking, but the wiser Mrs. Collins knows the truth: nothing is off the table. Not even goblins.

From the first week of the series in July of 1966.

No need for dialogue, just plodding piano followed by a silent breakdown which elicits no comfort, only fear.

I only wish that Joan Bennett had made her head go thud with her collapse.

Featuring Elizabeth Stoddard Collins (Joan Bennett) and Victoria Winters (Alexandra Moltke).