Admittedly, I have been somewhat bored by my first foray into Dark Shadows time travel, but rest assured I perked up when Naomi Collins suffered this nightmare after the terrifying tarot card reading by the Countess Du Pres, whose disembodied voice is heard coaxing Naomi along toward the thrilling, shocking, and  all-around delightful conclusion of her dream, which I am not sure was inspired more by those ominous tarot cards or by Angelique’s witchery. Maybe both!


Note that the pink  sleeping gown worn by Joan Bennett matches the pink/mauve decor (and candles!) of the Old House in its prime. I can’t get over the contrast to when Barnabas moved back in nearly two centuries later and opted for blue, including all the candles. The 1795 Old House boasts the same color scheme as the Lego Cinderella castle!

Also note my confusion regarding the woman or actress in Jeremiah Collins’ embrace. Though we are to assume it’s his spellbound (literally) paramour Josette, I don’t believe that’s Kathryn Leigh Scott’s voice. It sounds like Lara Parker to me, which makes me wonder if the dream was really conjured by Angelique – though somehow utilizing the tarot card deviltry of the Countess Du Pres. Put me down as intrigued.