Julia gives a spectacular wallop of a slap to Cassandra in reaction the the presumed doom of Barnabas with the completion of the Dream Curse.

It’s a magnificent smack, matched only by the suitably striking attire of both its bearer and its target.

Playing offense, Dr. Julia Hoffman never looked better in this classic tweedy skirt suit and apricot blouse, complemented by a gold necklace in four strands. I like to think this is the closest Orbach’s can get to Chanel.

On defense, Cassandra offers a much more contemporary late sixties look for receiving the angry thwack: a sleeveless shamrock dress with a roomy pocket prescient of cargo pants, tied at the waist with a metallic belt. What really sets this outfit off, however, are the studs on her right shoulder, like a half-set of glimmering epaulets to show she’s only half-ready for battle.

I do wish that Julia’s slap had knocked off one of Cassandra’ hoop earrings, or at least set her gleaming black Liz Taylor wig slightly askew. Maybe it would have been too difficult for Grayson Hall and Lara Parker to continue a good working relationship after engaging in slapping at the gold-standard level set by June Allyson and Joan Collins in The Opposite Sex.

Note: Vicki’s unadorned sleeveless dress in a near eggplant hue provides a nice contrast to Cassandra’s and is far less offensively bland than most of her other sad-sack outfits.

And since we’re in 1968, it’s only fitting that someone created a gif paying tribute to both the Batman series and the best high-fashion smackdown yet on Dark Shadows: