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41PF3HHTDFL._SL500_AA300_The premise of this Norman Jewison sci-fi film, that rival corporations openly run the world and that the sport rollerball is used as a substitute for war AND as a constant reminder that the individual cannot triumph, is a great one, though the film itself doesn’t live up to it. (The Hunger Games, especially Catching Fire, comes far closer to hitting this mark.) It’s not for lack of action sequences; the three rollerball games shown become increasingly chaotic and violent as the rules are gradually removed in order to ensure the superstar played by James Caan cannot win and prove to the public that the individual actually holds any meaningful Read the rest of this entry »

After compiling my personal ballot of candidates to play the role of Mags in the upcoming film adaptation Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire, I knew I was still missing key players, even those in my relatively narrowed field: actresses over 80, like the character Mags, who could hold the Read the rest of this entry »

How do you envision Mags?

So I’ve just read that Melissa Leo has been under consideration for the role of Mags, the oldest District participant in Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games.

In Suzanne Collins’ book, Mags is in her eighties and cannot speak due to a stroke. She needs help keeping up, though she’s still sharp as a tack despite her difficulty communicating and still knows how to survive in the arena. It’a a good role, not a great one, and it should go to a performer who is at least as Read the rest of this entry »

Doris W. demands her Finnick after Fonda envisioning exercise:

Raúl has a preliminary pick: Hunter Parrish as Finnick in the next The Hunger Games movie Catching Fire. He auditioned for Peeta, so his name may still be in the hat. Isn’t Finnick blonde? Parrish would fit. The actor has to be able to act enough so that we don’t trust him and don’t understand him, all while being irresistibly charming and handsome. I think Parrish can act okay, and he played Jesus in a Broadway revival of Godspell, so he’s good enough to get on Broadway, and he’s already played a martyr.

Please refer to this video for charm and handsomeness. Irresistibility may lie in the eye of the beholder. Please study the batting eyelashes and concluding smile before rendering your verdict.