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three-days-of-the-condor-movie-poster-1975-1020195885Maybe I’m spoiled by the faster pacing of the similarly themed Bourne movies, or maybe I couldn’t bear the nonsensical presence of Faye Dunaway’s Stockholm Syndrome character, or perhaps it’s just Robert Redford’s wooden acting and meticulously mussed hair, but I couldn’t wait for this movie to be over and done with. Max von Sydow grabbed my attention, as always, but he didn’t have the screen time Read the rest of this entry »

The Nomi Song posterThe life and death of avant-garde, semi-operatic, highly Germanic, proto-new wave musical performer Klaus Nomi. At its best, the film offers insight into the congregation of weirdo misfits in NY that produced crazy cabaret/vaudevillian entertainment, when, as one interviewee put it, people could go to New York and live on fumes.

I’m not sure exactly when all this transpired because Andrew Horn Read the rest of this entry »

My Life without MeMost impressive about this Isabel Coixet film is that it succeeds in depicting characters living in poverty with compassion and without condescension. Many people question the selfishness of Sarah Polley’s lead character in her preparation for death, which indeed has a selfish Read the rest of this entry »

Scorpio long posterHow can you go wrong with Alain Delon as an international assassin who loves kitties? Burt Lancaster is his hitman mentor until Delon is hired to kill him.

Alain Delon outrageously sexy in Scorpio

Alain Delon as outrageously sexy international assassin; code name: Scorpio.

There is one excellent chase ending with a boom at a construction site; the rest of this Michael Winner film tends to Read the rest of this entry »


This film has one nirvana moment: Don Cornelius doing something approaching the funky chicken. It only lasts seconds and might escape you, so keep your eyes glued to the screen. This may prove difficult, as the film has some problems, the central plotline in particular. Meat Loaf, charming as the accidental roadie, pines for a wannabe groupie, who leads Read the rest of this entry »

Chuck Connors and friend

Chuck Connors with one of the many mannequins crafted from unfortunate tourists in The Tourist Trap.

After about ten minutes I deemed the film unwatchable and switched on the director’s commentary just to get an idea what it was like to make a low-budget horror film in the late seventies, something that seems almost dream-like to me. The director, David Schmoeller, explained that the film was based on a student film he made, and that he really knew very little about filmmaking when he shot Tourist Trap. Some anecdotes Read the rest of this entry »

220px-Poster_of_the_movie_The_Marrying_KindThe Marrying Kind is a bit of a variation on an old sitcom narrative staple: having various characters tell their version of events to slant the story in their favor. That’s how this movie begins, except that the slanted narration (he says, she says, via voice-over) plays over the images of what actually happened, so that the “true” events are presented visually over the audio “remembered” version. It’s comical at first, and while there are light moments throughout, the movie is not really a comedy. (In fact, it veers into Terms of Endearment Read the rest of this entry »

my movies june

50 – The Sweet Smell of Success – cynicism’s always relevant
51 – Bowfinger – Murphy’s gentler side
52 – Definitely, Maybe – surprisingly bittersweet, cute
53 – The Perks of Being a Wallflower – lovely little movie
54 – Melancholia – a lovely metaphor
55 – Much Ado About Nothing – deft directing delivers
56 – John Dies at the End – better with drugs?

my movies may

I know I know – why bother? Well why not?

38 – The Place Beyond the Pines – Gosling’s shark jump?
39 – King of Kong – small epic story
40 – Mommie Dearest – melodramatic, hammy, terrific
41 – Spellbound – celebrate young nerds
42 – Layer Cake – Craig’s first greatness
43 – Mud – boys grow up
44 – Mother – that’s protective ice
45 – Miss Austen Regrets – so do I
46 – Cleanflix – how’s art shared?
47 – Star Trek Into Darkness – dropped storylines, mishmash
48 – Miracle – dreams require work
49  – Valley Girl – where’s Deborah Foreman?