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There’s not a lot of thought here – just gushing. No spoilers if you don’t look at the pictures.

I love tv. In a major way. I remember shows from when I was a kid. I actually am baffled by people who don’t remember the shows they or their parents watched growing up. One of my earliest memories is watching the Mickey Mouse Club and desperately wanting a Mickey Mouse watch for Christmas – the one where Mickey’s in the middle and his arms are the hands of Read the rest of this entry »

I wanted to post some photos which apparently requires a new post about The Simpsons Breaking Bad Mashup.

That Simpsons opening makes me still love The Simpsons. Even though the opening wasn’t theirs, they still got it on air and, I am sure, had to flex considerable muscle to do so.

The opening was done by Banksy. His signature all over the billboards during the traditional opening is intentional. Have you seen Exit Through the Gift Shop? It’s good and an art piece in every sense. This episode was called Exit Through the Kwik-e-Mart and features Bart becoming a street artist, plastering Springfield with posters a la Shepard Fairey’s Obey but with Read the rest of this entry »

There’s a YouTube video out there with clips from The Simpsons dubbed with lines from Breaking Bad.

It’s a great mashup – funny, clever and proof that the creator is a fan of both shows. My favorite detail is that even the opener is a mashup of both the Breaking Bad logo and The Simpsons font. They could have been lazy here but they went all the way. All the details are great – Bart Simpson as chronic fuck-up Jesse Pinkman, Maude Flanders as Skyler White, Cleetus and Brandine as meth heads, Lionel Hutz as sleazy Saul Goodman is spot on, Mr. Burns’ beloved teddy bear Bobo as the bear from the airplane crash and episode openings for season two, the barfing frog prince as junkie Jane is inspired and of course Ned Read the rest of this entry »