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I must admit again I thought watching King of the Hill would be a breeze – a fun way to watch a show I was watching in reruns a few times a week anyway. Well shows what I know. I thought I would blow through early episodes that surely would not have the pacing or characters as developed as later seasons. I was caught off-guard by the pilot which had only a few minor wobbles Read the rest of this entry »



I knew Raul would beat me in timing and depth with a King of the Hill Pilot post. Such is our dynamic that I am fine with this. There’s no point in rehashing the episode but I do think we differ slightly in our views. I too was supremely impressed that the characters from the start were so well defined. So we’ve compared, let’s contrast.

I agree wholeheartedly that the KotH pilot was surprisingly well formed. I don’t think this episode would have been out of Read the rest of this entry »

So often pilots don’t have the feel for the shows that they will later become.

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We all like giving each other show recommendations, sometimes with impassioned defense. Raul and I are completists and will warn appropriately if toughing it out through early episodes is required because you – just – can’t – skip – episodes. I believe Read the rest of this entry »