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Phelps’ athletic achievements make strange bedfellows with his well-publicized history of marijuana use.

So Michael Phelps is retiring as the most decorated and over-exposed athlete in Read the rest of this entry »

I saw The Dark Knight Rises at the drive-in this weekend. At first it felt a bit odd, and I wondered if I would know at which point in the film, the Read the rest of this entry »

Oh raspberries! It’s a special occasion for Doris W.  Mr. Lousy just celebrated one, and right on its heels comes another.  So much May mirth just as the month closes and summer opens wide.  While Mr. Lousy may be singing the praises of Tatum Channing, Channing Tatum, there is another Channing always ready to pounce:

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There’s a YouTube video out there with clips from The Simpsons dubbed with lines from Breaking Bad.

It’s a great mashup – funny, clever and proof that the creator is a fan of both shows. My favorite detail is that even the opener is a mashup of both the Breaking Bad logo and The Simpsons font. They could have been lazy here but they went all the way. All the details are great – Bart Simpson as chronic fuck-up Jesse Pinkman, Maude Flanders as Skyler White, Cleetus and Brandine as meth heads, Lionel Hutz as sleazy Saul Goodman is spot on, Mr. Burns’ beloved teddy bear Bobo as the bear from the airplane crash and episode openings for season two, the barfing frog prince as junkie Jane is inspired and of course Ned Read the rest of this entry »

I recently flew to London. Even though it was a redeye and I should have been sleeping, just like the kid who turns the sound way down and sneaks in a forbidden late night in front of the tv, I watched three inflight movies – Haywire, Young Adult and Chronicle.

Haywire – disappointing but we’ll get to that soon
Young Adult – I was not a fan of Juno. I thought it was style over substance, and hipster style at that. But Young Adult was surprisingly engaging and I welcomed the dark ending.
Chronicle – I know it was a hit with the kids so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I am still wondering what all the fuss was about.

I am almost always up for a movie. Any movie. I’d rather watch a movie over tv not because of any issue with quality but because a movie is generally self-contained and as a completist, I can tick something off my list in a couple of hours rather than Read the rest of this entry »