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Vampire supreme Luke and Buffy.

Vampire supreme Luke and Buffy.

I re-re-watched this one following some strict stipulations set by Mr. Lousy. I’d actually seen it last winter, but true to form, my memory failed me and I actually needed to go back to zero, or one, as the case may be.

(Zero would be the unaired pilot, which I have seen and may watch again – if I am so moved or required to do.)

This time I watched (and listened) more for mechanics – how Whedon introduces his characters and marks Read the rest of this entry »

12%22 Darla

[#21 on my Buffy/Angel ranking
of all 254 episodes from both series]

The episode is titled Angel, but for me, Darla is the indisputable star here. Of course Angel’s backstory and the vampire revelation changes the direction of the series – or it will by s2 – and maybe I’m simply so familiar with the story from flashbacks that my attention was directed less toward the cursed vamp and more toward the spritely demon who sired him: my beloved Darla.

She was never just a throwaway character anyway; she did open the entire series, after all, letting us know up front that Read the rest of this entry »

Why am I so irritated with the fourth season of the series Damages, the legal drama starring a Rasputinesque, Machiavellian Glenn Close as ruthless attorney Patty Hewes, and a lovely, doe-eyed, not-as-guileless-as-she looks Rose Byrne, on whom I Read the rest of this entry »