What better way to spend Christmas than parked on the couch in front of the TV for some binge watching.

I haven’t posted so long I don’t even know if I know how to do it. So I am totally cheating and I’m just going to do a running list of thoughts that pop into my head as I begin watching the first episode of the first season. I will be watching with a Viewing Companion who will think up a persona in due time.

Let’s begin.
Darla. I didn’t recognize her at first. My viewing companion claims that Darla was at first a throwaway character that was further developed because they were so impressed with Julie Benz. Darla was such a great character I am surprised by this. Also it doesn’t quite jive with what I know of Whedon. VC will have to provide some evidence along with his name.

The opening sequence is terrible. Why are all is openings so terrible?

Everyone is sooo much younger looking. More than I expected. Even Giles.

I already love Willow. I will really enjoy spending time with her again. Side note – her hair is really long and brown as is Buffy’s. I will try to remember to note hair color changes.

Cordy totally looks like Cordy. A 30 year old high schooler with fake boobs who is  too tan. I don’t think she gets more orange until Angel.

It’s been long enough since I watched the whole series that I don’t quite remember everything. For example – The Master. And he looks good. The rest of the effects are pretty bad as we all know but The Master had some money there and it shows.

I am ambivalent as always towards Buffy’s mom but VC hates Joyce.

I really did not remember Angel appearing in the first episode. I was so sure it was later. I clearly do not remember the lesser plot points. Getting more excited about watching the series again.

The Bronze! I frequented teen clubs when I was growing up. Is this really still a thing in California or just a device for the show?

I am impressed that all the characters seem to be so well-formed already. Everyone seems like who they are meant to be, character arcs aside. Not a lot of tweaking necessary.

While the clothes are dated the jokes are not. Whedon’s cultural zingers are as funny and crisp as ever if you were alive at the time.

The fight scenes show how far SMG came during the series.

The first episode ends is a continuation! To be continued on a series opener? Smart.

One down and a gazillion more to go. Beer Bad and Season 7 count double.