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A little context – we are all Hunger Games fans so I was looking forward to it. Biggest surprise? 21 Jump Street. Channing Tatum is a boiler plate hunk but what tipped the scales was his comedy. This guy is funny.

March/April 2012

26 – Street Smart – scary Morgan Freeman
27 – Jane Eyre (Michael Fassbender) – Zeffirelli’s still best
28 – Jolene – Jessica Chastain, so-so
29 – Ronin – solid heist movie
30 – Play Misty for Me – Jessica Walters, underappreciate
31 – Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol – like Cruise again?
32 – The Artist – really surprising, sweet
33 – Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton) – stop making remakes
34 – Alien – still fucking scary
35 – Cedar Rapids – insurance convention antics
36 – The Interruptors – I feel lame
37 – Thin Blue Line – still amazes me
38 – A Separation – life is complicated
39 – An Angle at My Table – painful childhood, life
40 – Walking and Talking – Keener is awesome
41 – Ghost Writer – Jim Belushi? Really?
42 – Somewhere – typical Sofia Coppola
43 – Animal Kingdom – criminals are scary
44 – Notting Hill – stupidest wedding cake
45 – 17 Again – Efron is funny!
46 – The Hunger Games – good, not great
47 – Serenity – great tv follow-up
48 – Dying for Everest – will never climb
49 – Toots – an unbelievable life
50 – Standing in the Shadows of Motown – background to greatness
51 – Michael Jackson’s This Is It – this poor guy
52 – Everything Must Go – meh, pretty good
53 – 21 Jump Street – Tatum is funny!

Oh raspberries! It’s a special occasion for Doris W.  Mr. Lousy just celebrated one, and right on its heels comes another.  So much May mirth just as the month closes and summer opens wide.  While Mr. Lousy may be singing the praises of Tatum Channing, Channing Tatum, there is another Channing always ready to pounce:

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I recently flew to London. Even though it was a redeye and I should have been sleeping, just like the kid who turns the sound way down and sneaks in a forbidden late night in front of the tv, I watched three inflight movies – Haywire, Young Adult and Chronicle.

Haywire – disappointing but we’ll get to that soon
Young Adult – I was not a fan of Juno. I thought it was style over substance, and hipster style at that. But Young Adult was surprisingly engaging and I welcomed the dark ending.
Chronicle – I know it was a hit with the kids so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I am still wondering what all the fuss was about.

I am almost always up for a movie. Any movie. I’d rather watch a movie over tv not because of any issue with quality but because a movie is generally self-contained and as a completist, I can tick something off my list in a couple of hours rather than Read the rest of this entry »