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Willie and Jason at the Blue Whale

Jason McGuire and Willie Loomis make the most blatantly sex-charged duo to hit Collinsport thus far. The eyes tell it all.


At the eve of the ascension of Barnabas Collins, I’ve come to view Dark Shadows is one of the queerest television series in history. Now I’m beginning to better understand why I was obsessed by this morose soap opera at age four: I bore the imprint of what I saw on the screen. I was drawn to something I was incapable of Read the rest of this entry »

Louis Edmonds plays Roger Collins as such a catty queen that I have to wonder how much of his dialogue was written as such and how much was improvised. In one of the bonus interviews from the dvd collection, Diana Millay, who played his estranged and undead wife, stated that Edmonds was constantly missing his marks Read the rest of this entry »

Sam's portrait of Phoenix with David

The Ghost of Josette forced Sam Evans into painting a work that was declared “horrible, just horrible” by almost every member of the cast except David, whose face was added in by Josette later to make her warning even more concrete.

So I went into the early days of Dark Shadows believing that only with the arrival of Barnabas after some odd 200 episodes would the series go headlong into the occult and supernatural.

How can we not recognize Laura Collins, the Phoenix, who just by making crazy eyes can put commanding matriarchs into an inexplicable coma, send cars careening out of control, and slip her enemies into trances that involve some initial confusion expressed with head shaking like a wet dog drying itself off, some exaggerated staggering preferably on the staircase in the foyer, and calculated memory wipes on paranormal professors and cemetery caretakers!

Here is Laura Collins/The Phoenix, in action, as always, sitting Read the rest of this entry »

zero dark thirty movie poster

16 – Zero Dark Thirty – Bigelow was robbed

I know. Dude – I KNOW. One movie the whole month. And I didn’t even realize I’d forgotten to post my one measly movie from February until I just read Raul’s post where he acknowledges a January posting in March. Oh crap – it’s March!

I could blame the lousy Smarch weather. The storm that dumped on Raul earlier this week is now actually snowing one inch an hour today here. I could say I was busier with work. I have been busier and have had to manage my time more. But the real reason is happier, sappier and a real time hog but delightfully so.


January Viewing Cropped

I know, it’s March. I haven’t slacked off on my screen time. It’s been winter, after all. I just need to catch up with accounting for my hours.

Louis C.K. All Chewed Up: This is one of Mr. Lousy’s picks. I mostly enjoyed the stand-up, and it does make me appreciate his television show more. As much as he manages to offend, he usually turns his aim back on himself. (2008)

The Scalphunters: Where to begin? I can’t fathom a summary, so I’ll just run down the cast of this 1968 Sydney Pollack western. Burt Lancaster is an illiterate, hard-drinking fur trapper. Ossie Davis is a highly educated runaway slave finagling his way to Mexico. Telly Savalas is the hard-drinking leader of a band of Read the rest of this entry »

The tension between Burke Devlin and Roger Collins has been brewing since the first episode, and tonight it came to a glorious double-entendre head with a sexually charged drawing room confrontation.

Louis Edmonds plays Roger Collins as such a preening queen, I have to wonder about his face when he saw the lines for this scene, beholding the latest rewrites like a gift from God. As for Mitchell Ryan as Burke Devlin, he’s the perfect antithesis as the brooding alpha. Ryan’s constant on-set drunkenness may have Read the rest of this entry »

Remember Gimme a Break!, the eighties sitcom starring Nell Carter? Raúl sure does, enough so that the split-second the actor who played the dad on the show, Dolph Sweet, turned up on Dark Shadows, an uproar Read the rest of this entry »