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So now the almost entirely gay male cast has been granted new characters (save for Jonathan Frid, who gets his first shot at the pre-vampire Barnabas) and transported back to 1795, where men were men and wore trousers nearly tight enough for determining circumcision status.

In the scene where Barnabas confirms that he will be marrying Angelique, Lt. Forbes seems distressed, enough so to march over, outrageously splay his legs, and all but thrust his dick into Barnabas’s trembling mouth.

Frid plays the broken man here, still in his mourning attire but wearing gratuitously applied make-up, while Joel Crothers appears quite comfortable preening in Lt. Nathan Forbes’ anachronistic naval uniform, which looks as though a grandmother’s complete spoon collection has been affixed to the lapels. Now armed with a phallic saber and pre-1970s seventies sideburns, the actor reaches dizzying degrees of Read the rest of this entry »

The transition from b/w to color on Dark Shadows has proven jarring and arduous for me. Long accustomed to the crisp picture in black and white, with its accompanying and fitting chiaroscuro facilitated by purposeful lighting (a rarity for soaps in the sixties), I found the dark, Gothic images to meld perfectly with my mind on the verge of sleep. It’s hard to fathom Dark Shadows providing me with a natural Barnabas-Barbituate, but Read the rest of this entry »

The tension between Burke Devlin and Roger Collins has been brewing since the first episode, and tonight it came to a glorious double-entendre head with a sexually charged drawing room confrontation.

Louis Edmonds plays Roger Collins as such a preening queen, I have to wonder about his face when he saw the lines for this scene, beholding the latest rewrites like a gift from God. As for Mitchell Ryan as Burke Devlin, he’s the perfect antithesis as the brooding alpha. Ryan’s constant on-set drunkenness may have Read the rest of this entry »