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my movies january 2014

I’m always a little surprised when I see my movie lists. I know people who don’t see a movie a month let alone several a week. I’m more surprised because I feel like I watch a fair amount of tv. Where do I find the time? If only I could use this power for good. Well anyway.

1 – Snakes on a Plane – not any fun
2 – Witness for the Prosecution – Laughton’s prickly fun
3 – West of Memphis – our prejudiced peers4 – Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – India scares me
5 – Bronson – fell asleep, twice
6 – After the Sunset – frothy heist fun
7 – her – actually liked Scarlett
8 – Stranger than Fiction – good weird fun
9 – Brave – Emma Thompson’s everywhere
10 – Chronicles of Riddick – not my choice
11 – Admission – dumb and boring
12 – Frankenstein* – riveting, dynamic theater
13 – Behind the Candelabra – narcissist made sympathetic
14 – Promised Land – hate Damon’s writing
15 – Beautiful Creatures – not too bad
16 – Philomena – those damn Magadalenes
17 – A Good Day to Die Hard – should’ve stayed dead
18 – Looper – one freaky kid

* This was one of those “events” promoted during previews in movies theaters. Touted as “Special Events” these are limited showings of live performances – theater, opera, concerts – presented in a movie theater. I have been a season subscriber to the opera for 18 years. I support any attempt to engage new audiences to opera in particular but I was always suspect of how it would play in a movie theater. Opera pretty much defines grand theater and it would have to be reduced to a movie screen. Also, opera is performed without amplification, the orchestra and singers perform without microphones, relying on their own ability and the acoustics of the room. I also assumed the camera would mimic an audience member or those PBS Great Performances and stay pretty static. Basically, I wasn’t sold.

But I have always lamented not being able to hop the Concorde to see some of the great London plays. One such play was a retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein directed by Danny Boyle, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller alternating performances as either Dr. Frankenstein or The Monster. And so my first foray into theater at the movies. I don’t know how much Danny Boyle had to do with the filming of the play but I am guessing he had some if not quite a bit. I thought they did a wonderful job of bringing the play to life. Rather than a static shot of the proscenium that I expected, there were dynamic camera moves that reveled in the wonderful stage and fantastic lighting with perspectives you’d never have as a live audience member. I am curious to see another play and if all of them are so well filmed.



Summer. I don’t know where the time goes. I guess I’m not as much of a homebody as I thought since my August list is still less than half the size of my January and February lists. With no tennis or Olympics to blame, it’s just the plain old outdoors. I will however, place some blame on my internet connection. It’s been down more than I care to think about this month and limiting my Netflix viewing. I have had AT&T out twice this month and my connection is still a pile of poo. AT&T you are the suckiest suck that ever sucked. I really do loathe AT&T and their worthless so-called voice recognition. It’s literally the worst. I’m headed out of town so I’m posting early. Well onto the list.

83 – Cowboys and Aliens – interminable boring mess
84 – Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels – still super fun
85 – Lake of Fire – even-handed abortion doc
86 – A Good Woman (Lady Windermere’s Fan) – stiff Helen Hunt
87 – You Will Meet a Tall, Dark Stranger – kind of forgettable
88 – Videodrome – still fucking crazy
89 – Hope Springs – uncomfortable with parents
90 – Tron:Legacy – the Flynn abides
91 – Judgment at Nuremberg – powerful, star-studded, relevant


A little context – we are all Hunger Games fans so I was looking forward to it. Biggest surprise? 21 Jump Street. Channing Tatum is a boiler plate hunk but what tipped the scales was his comedy. This guy is funny.

March/April 2012

26 – Street Smart – scary Morgan Freeman
27 – Jane Eyre (Michael Fassbender) – Zeffirelli’s still best
28 – Jolene – Jessica Chastain, so-so
29 – Ronin – solid heist movie
30 – Play Misty for Me – Jessica Walters, underappreciate
31 – Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol – like Cruise again?
32 – The Artist – really surprising, sweet
33 – Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton) – stop making remakes
34 – Alien – still fucking scary
35 – Cedar Rapids – insurance convention antics
36 – The Interruptors – I feel lame
37 – Thin Blue Line – still amazes me
38 – A Separation – life is complicated
39 – An Angle at My Table – painful childhood, life
40 – Walking and Talking – Keener is awesome
41 – Ghost Writer – Jim Belushi? Really?
42 – Somewhere – typical Sofia Coppola
43 – Animal Kingdom – criminals are scary
44 – Notting Hill – stupidest wedding cake
45 – 17 Again – Efron is funny!
46 – The Hunger Games – good, not great
47 – Serenity – great tv follow-up
48 – Dying for Everest – will never climb
49 – Toots – an unbelievable life
50 – Standing in the Shadows of Motown – background to greatness
51 – Michael Jackson’s This Is It – this poor guy
52 – Everything Must Go – meh, pretty good
53 – 21 Jump Street – Tatum is funny!

I am keeping lists this year. More for myself – just how many movies do I see. And what am I watching?

As we reach are approaching the halfway point of the year – thought I’d show you guys. It’s pretty long. Too long I think for any real review because it would be epic. But I’m going to try give a three word review for each. I’m backlogged so I’m starting with January now, but I’ll make it monthly after this.

Doris W. I hope this will draw some comments out of you. I know you have a three word review in you too.

A little context – it was cold, I was sick, there was a lot of time on my couch

January/February 2012

1 – The American – quiet, paced well
2 – Ocean’s 11 – still like it
3 – Ocean’s 12 – sick on couch
4 – Ocean’s 13 – still on couch
5 – Hereafter – preachy, lifeless, forgettable
6 – Temple Grandin – surprising, engaging, opening
7 – Dogville – why hate women?
8 – His Way, The Jerry Weintraub Story – Hollywood is nuts
9 – Centurion – Michael Fassbender’s abs
10 – A Dangerous Method – believe in therapy
11 – Shame – choked on soda (you know what I’m talking about)
12 – Sherlock Holmes – Game of Shadows – enjoyable, silly fun
13 – Hugo 3D – great book adaptation
14 – Time Traveller’s Wife – waste of time
15 – This Is England – great kid, movie
16 – Joe Strummer – The Future is Unwritten – he’s the coolest
17 – Starship Troopers – grossest monster ever
18 – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (US) – liked Swedish better
19 – F Word – fun facts, light
20 – Machete – fun then old
21 – A Team – sick again, dumb
22 – Dark Corner (doc about area in South Carolina) – dull doc, bad
23 – Hot Coffee – super engaging doc
24 – Bobby Fischer Against the World – Genius, bigot, cracked
25 – The Last Station – Plummer is terrific