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What a fantastic addition to the Dark Shadows cast is Grayson Hall as Dr. Julia Hoffman, one of the most esteemed if not mysterious psychotherapists/hematologists in New England. She’s cunning, duplicitous, sardonic, and stylish, all qualities in evidence as she inserts her cigarette into its glamourous holder and lights it with one of the zillion candles in the Old House, all while threatening Barnabas, waving off his constant menacing to kill her as she focuses her attention on a swank Read the rest of this entry »

The transition from b/w to color on Dark Shadows has proven jarring and arduous for me. Long accustomed to the crisp picture in black and white, with its accompanying and fitting chiaroscuro facilitated by purposeful lighting (a rarity for soaps in the sixties), I found the dark, Gothic images to meld perfectly with my mind on the verge of sleep. It’s hard to fathom Dark Shadows providing me with a natural Barnabas-Barbituate, but Read the rest of this entry »