july movies

I know. While I was shocked to see I had not posted since June my shame was not strong enough to compel me to search for images of the 60+ images I’d need for the posts. That’s a normal image search for Raul but for Mr Lousy it’s a matter of posting with an image crap out or not post at all. To post it is.

I searched for –  movie july and the first two titles on my list and this was the first image that came up on Google. I don’t know and I don’t care. Here’s the list.

57 – The Heat – Sookie + Miss Congeniality58 – World War Z – not the book
59 – Now You See Me – frothy, improbable entertainment
60 – This Is the End – cameos, weed, apocalypse
61 – The Intouchables – funny, touching, must-see
62 – The Bling Ring – it was ok
63 – I’m So Excited – very tame Almodovar
64 – Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – sucker for McGregor
65 – Pacific Rim 3D IMAX – solid summer blockbuster
66 – The Company Men – recession still stings
67 – The Orphanage – bagface still creeps
68 – W – finally enough distance
69 – Stoker – pretty, weird, stylized