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Angel at the portal

Another confession: I went back and tinkered with my Season Two rankings, flipping the positions of the two Becoming episodes, dropping this one from #2 to #3. I still love it for its overall intensity, the Buffy/Spike teaming, the revelation of slayerhood to Joyce, the witchery of Read the rest of this entry »

Sasha's Darla and Liam

Confession: I re-re-watched the two-part season two finale. I wasn’t sure what to make of the Becoming episodes when I attempted my second season rankings because I couldn’t isolate my original reaction from my current one, which felt as if I were dutifully closing up the season Read the rest of this entry »

Prophecy Girl reviving

Our first season finale! Highlights for Raúl:

  • Buffy finally squares off against The Master alone with disastrous, prophecy-fulfilling results.
  • Buffy dies (for the first time, and far more temporarily than in the s5 finale) and is revived through the devotion of her two hopelessly unmatched rival suitors, bad boy Angel and boy-next-door Xander.
  • Buffy faces off with The Master again, still alone, but this time to spectacular, skylight-smashing results.
  • In the meantime, the Hellmouth opens and a tentacled monster bursts through the library floor as Giles, Willow, Cordy, and Miss Carpenter try to hold off a horde of vampires!

This discovery shakes Cordy and Willow, but then it’s forgotten about. I don’t think they mentioned the mass murder in s2.

The finale also heaps on the horror by having an entire A.V. room full of students murdered. I found the scene a bit unnecessary, but it afforded Willow and Cordelia a chance to express shock and sadness Read the rest of this entry »

alias season 2 finale hong kongRaul – I have seen Sydney in Hong Kong and you were right. I knew it when I saw it.

Sydney’s been out of it for 2 years?

What and where has she been?
I’m guessing this is why they’ve been setting up that hokey regression therapy so much. How was her mother involved – because she must have been. What about Sloane? Why couldn’t the CIA and her dad and Vaughn find her? Because obviously, we have to find out in Season 3. Right?

Vaughn is married?!?

This is a great season closer. It seems this is a great opportunity to shake things up, introduce new characters, get rid of old ones in a sensible but expedient manner. Abrams better not cock it up in Season 3. I am heavily invested. I do not want to feel I’ve wasted my time.