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Angel chained and on his knees: Buffy's solution to the boyfriend problem.

Angel chained and on his knees: Buffy’s solution to the boyfriend problem.

Marti Noxon has written some great scripts for BtVS up to this point in the series. I Only Have Eyes for You is my probably favorite, in which she uses a standard ghost possession trope to dig at Buffy’s loss of Angel, her self-recrimination, and the buried anger that she cannot Read the rest of this entry »

Sasha's recreation of Sean's post-conversion swim past Cordelia.

Sasha’s recreation of Sean’s post-conversion swim past Cordelia.

An extremely silly monster-of-the-week episode sadly sandwiched between the masterful I Only Have Eyes for You and the two-part s2 finale, disrupting the flow and tension of the Angelus storyline. I didn’t hate it as a stand-alone, Read the rest of this entry »

Buffy sees a new Giles with Ethan

Buffy looks close to reconcile a new Giles with the one she knows. The new Giles is actually rooted in the old Giles, one known best to welcome return Ethan Rayne.

Ethan Rayne returns and we get the backstory on Ripper. I should revel in this because I really like Ethan Rayne and absolutely love Buffy‘s backstories, but I’m fairly lukewarm on this one; while the episode delivers on Rayne, it stumbles on Ripper.

I welcome a Giles-centric story, but one that draws me in with a stronger script than this. For once, all the Read the rest of this entry »

12%22 DarlaThe episode is titled Angel, but for me, Darla is the indisputable star here. Of course Angel’s backstory and the vampire revelation changes the direction of the series – or it will by s2 – and maybe I’m simply so familiar with the story from flashbacks that my attention was directed less toward the cursed vamp and more toward the spritely demon who sired him: my beloved Darla.

She was never just a throwaway character anyway; she did open the entire series, after all, letting us know up front that Read the rest of this entry »

Discussion just before the pack forms. I had to include this for Buffy's zoo excursion ensemble

I had to include this for Buffy’s zoo excursion ensemble. Jacket material?

This one I was dreading almost as much as the Insect Substitute, so it came as a pleasant surprise when I not only didn’t hate the episode, I rather liked it. The equation of a high school clique and a pack of hyenas, both preying on the small and weak while spilling out peals of hideous laughter, speaks to me more than all of the adolescent romance in other episodes early in the series, and the dodgeball game made quite clear the dynamics of both clique and pack: when faced with a threatening lone adversary, the hyenas switched their target to the nerdy Read the rest of this entry »