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Sonny. Where to begin?

Nicolas Cage: Director. Holy shit.

First, there is somewhat of a Woody Allen phenomenon happening here. You know how Woody Allen cannot really conjure any character beyond himself, be it due to narcissism or limited artistic vision? Nowadays, when he isn’t the romantic lead in his Read the rest of this entry »

Fantastic AIP 1968 trash!  After seeing an old movie poster reproduction for this stuck on a fridge for years, I’d assumed it was in b/w, but no, AIP delivers in scorching hues of blue Arizona sky and endless dusty desert sand.  And in stunning blondes!  If you’re gonna surprise Read the rest of this entry »

Avengers star Harry Dean Stanton dazzles on the red carpet at the film premiere.

  • We arrive about mid-way through the first film, the Pixar movie Brave.  It seems that marionnettes are working in conjunction with the Pixar creation team.  The film looks cute.  I am surprised it focuses on a mother-daughter relationship since most kid movies are boy-centered.  We like it and wish we had shown up earlier, but we were there to see Avengers.

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