Doris W. demands her Finnick after Fonda envisioning exercise:

Raúl has a preliminary pick: Hunter Parrish as Finnick in the next The Hunger Games movie Catching Fire. He auditioned for Peeta, so his name may still be in the hat. Isn’t Finnick blonde? Parrish would fit. The actor has to be able to act enough so that we don’t trust him and don’t understand him, all while being irresistibly charming and handsome. I think Parrish can act okay, and he played Jesus in a Broadway revival of Godspell, so he’s good enough to get on Broadway, and he’s already played a martyr.

Please refer to this video for charm and handsomeness. Irresistibility may lie in the eye of the beholder. Please study the batting eyelashes and concluding smile before rendering your verdict.