Here’s a callback to the BtVS episode I Only Have Eyes for You, one of my all-time Buffy favorites, which showcases the title-inspiring song with its gorgeous 1959 version by The Flamingos, whose harmonies send me into an almost dream state. I also love the intimacy of the lyrics, which profess mad love with disarming gentleness. The 1934 song, written by Harry Warren and Al Dubin, is just lovely all around, and now I have a new version to get lost in!

This weekend I went on a rare thrifting venture and came out with a score: The Complete Peggy Lee & June Christy Capitol Transcription Sessions, five discs of rare radio recordings done with small jazz combos from the later 1940s. The set includes a 1947 version of I Only Have Eyes for You recorded by Peggy Lee with The Four of a Kind featuring Buddy Cole on piano.

I slapped it onto the Youtube right away for wider sharing since the Capitol Transcriptions box is out of print and now outrageously expensive. (I got it for literally about 1% of the current list price – thrift score like days of yore!) I’m adding it here for the BtVS connection and because it’s so damn pretty. There’s something solemn – not quite mournful but almost sacred – about the song and the level of intensity in its declaration of devotion.