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Here’s a callback to the BtVS episode I Only Have Eyes for You, one of my all-time Buffy favorites, which showcases the title-inspiring song with its gorgeous 1959 version by The Flamingos, whose harmonies send me into an almost dream state. I also love the intimacy of the lyrics, Read the rest of this entry »


1955 James is dreamy but dangerous. His tortured, drifting soul finds a kindred spirit in Buffy, though this doesn’t become apparent until well into the episode. 

Marti Noxon corrects last week’s misstep with Killed by Death by returning us to the barely suppressed regret and layers of guilt left in the wake of Passion. I’m stuck considering exactly how strong I Only Have Eyes for You is because as a stand-alone, there’s not that much here besides a common ghost trope, but in the scope of the season, the story transcends genre as Read the rest of this entry »