Buffy Episode 7 Angel

I am struck by many things in this episode but first things first –

Jacket count – 2 and I don’t believe we’ve seen them before. The first was a light blue nylon (read cheap looking)  short trench and a black leather short trench. The showrunners seems to favor this style for Buffy.

I have said before Buffy resonates with me the least. She alone. I don’t dislike her I just don’t love her. The supporting players – Willow, Xander, Giles and Cordy are all so well defined already. Willow is a good friend who isn’t naive. She’s there for Buffy and keeps Xander from completely embarrassing himself. Xander is a great Zeppo, he’s got pretty good comic timing. I think Anthony Michael Head may never find a role for which he’s so well suited and Cordy is a great teen bitch.

Cordy – did she have work done after Buffy started? She’s at The Bronze in a skimpy top and she looks great – and natural. Apart from her skin getting progressively more orange, I thought she always had fake boobs. But she looks really hot here and not fake. Hmm, choices.

Joyce – is she the most square gallery owner ever? Joyce is and was always a pretty minor character. I know she brings in some tribal idols and stuff but why make her a gallery owner and cast Kristine Sutherland? It doesn’t fit or seem necessary for her to be a gallery owner. Make her a work at a museum or archive. If anything, that would open up more possibilities for monsters of the week than what must be the dullest gallery in Southern California. What is the gallery equivalent for Chico’s and Coldwater Creek? Beanie Babies? Coffee mugs?

Angel – I wonder how much more I would have loved the moment Angel is reveled to be a vampire had I not known. Doris W? Are you there? Only you can comment here. It’s a great reveal. And if we are looking at Buffy as a metaphor for coming of age – the hot guy you’re so drawn to isn’t who you thought, but you still wanna hit that against your better judgment. Even the strongest of girls makes bad choices when it comes to guys. He’s bad for you Buffy, he’s everything you’re against. Don’t sleep with him! Guys are dicks after you sleep with them! As an aside, VC and I agree that David Boreanaz does not have an angelic face. He’s hunky but not pretty.

Darla – DARLA! Darla finally gets a name and then Angel stakes her! I think the first I watched I didn’t know who Darla was yet or how much I would come to love her so this early death didn’t register. I was glad when The Master called her by name – she has a name! I was surprised by how much back story gets dropped here. We learn Darla sired Angel, they were a serious thing and that she wants him back. I really thought there was more Darla now but I guess we only have flashbacks for Darla time. By the way, I can’t wait for Drusilla.