Buffy Miss Jenny Calendar

I’m with you Eugene – Miss Calendar is worthy of fandom!

This is another monster of the week episode on its surface but serves two purposes – the introduction of the great Miss Calendar and rounding out our gang’s experiences with teen dating horrors. But business first.

Jacket count – 2. Cheap trenches again! Was this a thing in the 90’s? Was Contempo a sponsor? I honestly don’t remember the proliferation of novelty trench coats. The first one is a short fuzzy brown trench, as if Rowlf the Dog was skinned for a coat. As if taking a cue from the first, the second is a full length trench with a dalmatian print.

Ok. Willow starts online dating Malcolm who, unbeknownst to her really the demon Moloch. I first thought this was the demon that possesses Giles. I think the photos show I can be forgiven for the mistake –

Buffy Moloch Demon

Moloch the Demon – worst online dating fail ever

Buffy Fyarl Demon

Giles having a bad day as the Demon Fyarl

Oh Miss Calendar you left too soon. She’s such a nice foil for Giles – modern, tech savvy and female. Lamentably, she labels herself as a techno pagan but still, I like her. She has an easy way about her and is a nice addition to our gang. They never seemed to offer or have another girlfriend for Giles. I guess there was that British trans-Atlantic bootie call but she was hardly a full character. Did it pull focus from Buffy? Why didn’t they have any other adult female mentor characters I wonder? Joyce was so weak in that regard. Was it so Buffy and the Scoobies were more isolated as teens so often feel they are?

Speaking of the gang – Willow gets sucked into an online dating relationship with Malcolm. They talk all night, they feel the same way about everything and he’s so nice to her! He starts to talk her into skipping class which worries Buffy. Hey don’t judge! He writes her all the time! He isn’t needy or controlling at all – he’s just super into her! Victim of the worst catfish ever, Willow starts to get freaked out by Malcolm/Moloch and tries to bug out. Unfortunately Malcolm/Moloch just can’t accept Willow leaving him so he kidnaps her and takes on robot form to make her Mrs. Demon because he LOVES HER. He’s such a guy.

At the end of the episode poor Willow is saddened and humiliated having been taken in but Buffy reminds her the guy she’s crushing on is a vampire and Xander points out he was hot for a giant praying mantis substitute teacher.

Xander:  Yeah, that's life on the Hellmouth.

Buffy:  Let's face it: none of us are ever gonna have a happy, normal 

Xander:  We're doomed!

Willow:  Yeah!

They all laugh. Their laughter quickly becomes nervous and stops. Only 
the fountain can be heard as they each consider their plight.

Dating is hard and scary. You don’t know what you’re doing. People aren’t who you thought they were. Relationships take unexpected turns. Maybe we don’t know what’s good for us, or are not good at finding what’s good for us. Every high school was a Hellmouth. And every first disappointing crush was like being cornered by demon.