While the news of Burke Devlin’s plane being lost in the Amazon might have come as a terrible shock, I am left reeling by the Pucci look that Elizabeth Collins Stoddard is wearing to receive the tragic news. I assume the dress is a knock-off. I haven’t noticed that Ohrbach’s, the department store providing the Dark Shadows wardrobe, has ever gone for big designers, but this could be that jump now that in October of 1967 Barnabas has turned the show into a sensation.


Joan Bennett’s Liz Stoddard usually favors conservative tailored suits – in the b/w days I was often imagining tweed – so this number with its blaring green with swirls of lavender works to especially startling effect, especially in the gloomy context of receiving ominous word from the eternally pessimistic Mrs. Johnson (in dowdy blue) about Burke Devlin’s fate. Was Ohrbach’s purposefully setting the wardrobe against the tone of the scene to make the terrible news even more jarring?

Or was it just time for Joan Bennett to combine pearls with Pucci?