Alias – First Opening Sequence
Here’s the backstory.
alias first opener

See how fun the costumes are?

alias frist opener 2

Where do you think you’re going?
We have more opening credits to do!

alias opening credit

I’m about in the middle of Season 2 of Alias. I have a lot of questions but one thing keeps bugging me – why are there two opening sequences for the show? And why does the second come in 8-10 minutes into the show? Am I the only one who is annoyed by this?

The first opener covers necessary – if redundant for fans – information about the complicated backstory. Sydney and Jack Bristow are double agents for the CIA, Sloane is the head bad guy and Vaughn is a CIA cutie. The voice over explains while showing Sydney in her myriad disguises, kicking ass, and acquaints us with the other leads. I get it.

Is the second opener really necessary? This is the bit with the pulsing music and flashing letters in the Alias logo. It’s not visually that interesting. The only necessity I can see is that it’s a credit sequence with the actors names. Necessary to be sure but really? It’s so disruptive after they’ve started the story. It feels off to me. Can’t they have the names over the opening scenes like everyone else or hey – be really clever and incorporate it into the first opening?

It just seems like a waste of time. Another example of JJ Abrams self-indulgent excess.