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I saw The Dark Knight Rises at the drive-in this weekend. At first it felt a bit odd, and I wondered if I would know at which point in the film, the Read the rest of this entry »

The drive-ins opened last month.  Spring is really, really here.  And my weekend is shaping up to be rather fantastic.  I don’t even care if The Avengers or Dark Shadows disappoints – because I’m seeing them at the drive-in.

Zapped! features the pre-Charles in Charge duo Scott Baio and Willie Aames, plus SCATMAN CROTHERS. My brother owns the soundtrack on vinyl. He may mention this within minutes of meeting you.

There isn’t really that much in the world I enjoy more than the drive-in experience.  It was a small but quintessential part of my childhood: my parents taking my brother and me to  James Bond triple-features and Apple Dumpling Gang/Witch Mountain/Kurt Russell Disney movies.  It also provided a stretch of greatness through high school: riding in the trunk to get in Read the rest of this entry »