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Winter streaming! I have not kept up with the monthly log, and anything not streamed has sadly streamed away from my immediately available memory.

winter viewing top row winter viewing bottom row

Cosmos: This was part of my winter crash-course in cosmology. I watched loads of videos, seriously, shocking loads, from multiple series, but this, the mother and master of them all, still ranks as the best. I barely remembered it from the original run Read the rest of this entry »

march 2013 my movies

17 – Zero Dark Thirty – Bigelow is fearless
18 – Heartburn – dated and diluted
19 – Safety Not Guaranteed – good till end
20 – Game Change – possibilities truly frightening
21 – Savages – captures siblings, disappointment
22 – Religulous – what you’d expect
23 – Tucker and Dale vs Evil – clever horror twist
24 – Identity Thief – slapstick done well
25 – Youth in Revolt – unlikable, unfunny, unsympathetic
26 – Cabaret – wish color held
27 – The Trip – just too British
28 – The Iron Lady – conservatives, alzheimers, conviction