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my movies july 2014

I was shocked – shocked – to find I had not posted since June! Jeez what have I been doing? So there will be several movie posts now.

66 – Breaker Morant – I’m history ignorant
67 – Life Itself – beloved critic tribute
68 – 22 Jump Street – this ends it
69 – Mortal Instruments – City of Bones – needs cuter boy
70 – Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Dawn sequel prep
71 – The Internship – leads too old
72 – The Station Agent – forgot how good
73 – Frozen – I get it
74 – Killer Joe – one fucked-up ending
75 – Blue Jasmine – surprisingly good, current


A lot of traveling happened in October including barely making it out of New York Sunday, October 28  – right before Sandy.

102 – Please Vote for Me – Very Chinese, universal
103 – Ratatouille – Captures kitchen vibe
104 – Rise of the Planet of the Apes – freaky real CG
105 – Mansome – men are hairy
106 – The Master – no character arc
107 – A Town Called Panic – Charming little toys


Tim Burton, please wave goodbye and promise to never come back.

Tim Burton has now successfully taken three of my cherished childhood œuvres d’art: Planet of the Apes, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and now Dark Shadows, and pissed his signature all over them.  Dark Shadows is especially painful because I’ve recently re-discovered it as an adult and love it all the more.

I suppose the overlap in our mutual fondness for specific works demonstrates that we must share some of the same tastes, but only in nostalgia, not in re-creation.  In fact,  I would say for Tim Burton it’s less re-creation and more defecation.  He’s got the money and the star power to run wild, which result in self-indulgent travesties that showcase The Tim Burton Experience™ but leave Read the rest of this entry »