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Dennis Hopper is fatally fascinated by the Queen and her torpedo tits wrapped in tempting red velvety space fabric. And they haven’t even gotten her amazing hairdryer helmet off yet!

I recently took one of my occasional dives into American International Pictures with Curtis Harrington’s Queen of Blood, a talky, slowwww-moving, sci-fi feature from 1966 about an ill-fated space voyage to Mars in response to an alien distress call.

Most striking in the film are the very brief, gauzy, luminous shots of the alien ship, pre-crash, with no dialogue, lots of slow, silent movement, and a truly unearthly ambience. Don’t get me wrong; this film is AIP schlock, Read the rest of this entry »

Wimbledon and the Olympics have been stealing my viewing time. It sounds like I’m a sports fan but I’m not. This will end soon. I also watched the re-broadcast of the National Parks doc series on PBS and anyone who’s watched a Ken Burns series knows the time commitment involved. Losing hours a day to these events has made for another short movie list. By the way, I know that is not the real London Olympics logo but I just can’t look at it any more. It’s terrible. I like this one much better. Three word reviews continue.
78 – Persepolis – Terrific, unexpected, moving
79 – Prometheus – Effects, no story
80 – The Amazing Spiderman – Garfield beats Maguire
81 – Paper Heart – hipsters, awesome dioramas
82 – The Dark Knight Rises – good, not great



I saw Prometheus 3-D last night. About ten minutes into it a guy two seats down started snoring like my dad, and my dad is a champion snorer. He was alone so had no one to nudge him and continued to saw logs so I moved. He may have been onto something.

I like Ridley Scott. A lot. I like Alien. A lot. I like sci-fi. A lot.

I have watched the whole Alien franchise – except the weird Alien vs. Predator stuff. Like everyone else, Alien and Aliens are Read the rest of this entry »