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It’s officially fall but I am officially in denial. It was a hot summer but I was determined to say it was still summer until October. This meant still spending time outside, not wearing a jacket and generally being stubborn. As always, three word reviews.


92 – Hit & Run – want better KBell
93 – Submarine – Moss directed/penned, charming (IT Crowd reference)
94 – Winnebago Man – no more bullshit!
95 – Spider – solid Cronenberg fare
96 – Underworld – gives good goth
97 – A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas – NPH’s best role
98 – The Campaign – still a fan
99 – Celeste and Jesse Forever – surprisingly underplayed, resonant
100 – Gilda – this is glamour (100 movies!)
101 – Lockout – super fun camp

Frank Langella used his eyes, tousled hair, and a turtleneck to seduce you with ease. His youthful seduction has been exchanged for an aged gravitas. He’d rather not have to look at the gradual transformation.

Frank Langella recently said in an interview on NPR that he doesn’t like to look at his movies. He made the analogy of going up into an attic and paging through photo albums, which forces you to look at your own aging over the years – and, as I extrapolate – the loss of the past, which is now contained only in a fragile image and perhaps an even more fragile memory.

For me, I don’t have to page through photo albums. Just watching old films, especially ones from childhood, sometimes brings me an acute sense of time passage and loss. Since I associate movies, TV, and music with specific periods of my life, I am often Read the rest of this entry »