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Ugh. This cutesy account of the fantastic, fame-mad Jacqueline Susann is a squandered opportunity for mixing tragedy, blind ambition, sex, and celebrity into an overheated yet still moving masterpiece about a polarizing figure from American literary pop culture.

How do I know the potential of this story? Because Michele Lee (the grounded and long-suffering Karen from Knots Landing) brought it to fruition with her 1998 TV-movie version about Susann, which delved far deeper into Read the rest of this entry »

Love Bug - split!

directed by Robert Stevenson; screenplay by  Bill Walsh and Don DaGradi; story by Gordon Burford

Quite different from the film I remember from my childhood.

First, it’s a children’s film that doesn’t have a child in a single frame. I’d like to order more of those.

Second, Herbie doesn’t really have that much of a personality and isn’t even really recognized as a sentient being until an hour through the movie – when he attempts suicide by hurling himself off the Golden Gate Bridge. That Read the rest of this entry »