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todas-sus-guerras-dvdThe title mirrors Mexican film great María Félix’s autobiography, Todas mis guerras, so I thought the documentary would bear semblance to the book, which was really a doozy, packed with sex, scandal, international name-dropping, outlandish diva behavior, and insight into the mind of a star so egotistical she bordered on sociopathic.

Instead, you get a chronological review of her films (almost all of which are presented with dreadful sound quality), littered Read the rest of this entry »

Flor de mayo poster

Beyond All Limits / Flor de mayo (1959); directed by Roberto Gavaldón; written by a raft of writers (two screenplays for two languages?); from the novel by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez

A nice piece of Mexican melodrama with genuine movie star performances from María Félix, Pedro Armendáriz, and crazy-eyed Jack Palance. (Be prepared for his Speedo scene!)

Yet the top draw is really Gabriel Figueroa’s cinematography, which must have been something else on the big screen. The Sinaloa locations, on both land and water, are stunning throughout.

Meanwhile, María Félix manages some pretty fantastic dresses, despite playing the humble wife of a local Read the rest of this entry »