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An Unremarkable Life poster

I’ll give it three stars for the three stars: Patricia Neal, Shelley Winters, and Mako. It’s great to see classic actors with classic faces, even with a script by Marcia Dinneen that borders on sappy. Patricia Neal and Shelley Winters are elderly sisters living together, with Neal predictably playing the sweet-natured one and Winters, typecast as usual, as bitter and domineering. How much more interesting the performances would have been if the casting had been reversed, and the veteran actresses Read the rest of this entry »

The Ugly Dachshund (1966); directed by Norman Tokar;  screenplay by Albert Aley


The movie is essentially a string of old Warner Brothers cartoon skits where animals destroy everything in the house, played out in sad non-animation by four Dachshunds, a Great Dane, and an unfortunate Dean Jones. Suzanne Pleshette has the thankless role of Jones’s shrewish wife, while Mako has an insulting  part as a caterer’s Read the rest of this entry »