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Luke fixing to bite BuffyLuke is back! And now he’s more important than ever, serving as The Master’s “vessel.”

With lines like, “My body is your instrument” and “Luke is the vessel. Every soul he takes will feed me!” I feel almost dizzy with sexual Read the rest of this entry »

Vampire supreme Luke and Buffy.

Vampire supreme Luke and Buffy.

I re-re-watched this one following some strict stipulations set by Mr. Lousy. I’d actually seen it last winter, but true to form, my memory failed me and I actually needed to go back to zero, or one, as the case may be.

(Zero would be the unaired pilot, which I have seen and may watch again – if I am so moved or required to do.)

This time I watched (and listened) more for mechanics – how Whedon introduces his characters and marks Read the rest of this entry »