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Barnabas may have terrorized me as a child, but Jonathan Frid’s stumbling through dialogue with his desperate paraphrasing and faulty improvisation brings me no end of delight as an adult. This snippet from March of ’68 (in the 1795 storyline) contains back-to-back treasures related to Angelique and the curse she set upon Barnabas, as explained to Joshua Collins, played by Read the rest of this entry »

Louis Edmonds plays Roger Collins as such a catty queen that I have to wonder how much of his dialogue was written as such and how much was improvised. In one of the bonus interviews from the dvd collection, Diana Millay, who played his estranged and undead wife, stated that Edmonds was constantly missing his marks Read the rest of this entry »

The tension between Burke Devlin and Roger Collins has been brewing since the first episode, and tonight it came to a glorious double-entendre head with a sexually charged drawing room confrontation.

Louis Edmonds plays Roger Collins as such a preening queen, I have to wonder about his face when he saw the lines for this scene, beholding the latest rewrites like a gift from God. As for Mitchell Ryan as Burke Devlin, he’s the perfect antithesis as the brooding alpha. Ryan’s constant on-set drunkenness may have Read the rest of this entry »