Beloved/Les bien-aimés: I think I hated this movie. How is this possible? Catherine Deneuve, her daughter Chiara Mastroianni, director Milos Forman (!), French singing star Michel Delpech, and Paul Schneider from Parks & Rec (¡?¡) in a motherfucking musical!

The cast of Beloved assembles with director Christophe Honoré at Cannes. But behold: there is only room for Catherine Deneuve on the red carpet when Catherine Deneuve is on the red carpet.

Come on. You can have quintuple the size of the cast and there’s still only room for Deneuve on the red carpet.

Yes, but a meandering musical with an even more meandering score by Alex Beaupain, whom I enjoy on his solo records, but less so in his collaborations with Honoré, and I like this less than their last work, Love Songs, which I was already conflicted about. The script here tries hard for the personal within the epic, looping from sixties Paris (one of several nods to Jacques Demy’s The Umbrellas of Cherbourg), to Czechoslovakia for the Russian invasion, back to Paris for some millennial ansgt, then off to Montreal for an Read the rest of this entry »