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Giles' randy smile

Happy fortieth to BtVS! How fitting to ring in the big 4-O with the series’ fortieth episode tailored around the comedic edge and range of Anthony Stewart Head. This is my favorite Giles-centric show so far, easily surpassing a somewhat disappointing The Dark Age, which failed Read the rest of this entry »

Ghost Willow trading cardHalloween, how do I love thee?

  • After two consecutive detours (Reptile Boy and Inca Mummy Girl), we finally have our Spike back!
  • We have a new villain, Ethan Rayne. He’s like mischief turned deadly. Fun but fatal. And he’ll be back – another bit of bonus knowledge from my second viewing.
  • Cursed costumes! Buffy gets to play the fainting flower, Willow winds up both ghost and dress-up slut, Xander regains some stolen masculinity as a soldier, and Cordy (uncursed) wears the ubiquitous skintight cat costume of the nineties.

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