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advise consent posterExtremely talky political melodrama at its most middling. I rather enjoyed some of the machinations exposed in this story (based on a Pulitzer prize-winning novel by Allan Drury, who was inspired by the suicide of Lester Hunt during the McCarthy era) of the Senate approval of a Secretary of State nominee during the Cold War, but Machiavellian power-dealing only took the movie so far before it slid into a gay blackmail story rather typical for the era, at least in terms of gay stories that explicitly appeared in mainstream film in the early sixties.

This one ends, quite predictably, in a suicide, a rather grisly one at that, signaling a finish to a movie that had already run its course. The gay twist did Read the rest of this entry »

Endless Love posterMy prime motivation for a return to Franco Zeffirelli’s Endless Love was to examine my past-life failure to sit through the film in my dark basement during the early eighties when it ran late at night on HBO. I watched so much fantastic film and so, so much dreadful dreck during these semi-lost years, seldom without even a casual thought of turning the set off, that it seems unthinkable that I would have have foundered with Endless Love, a movie advertised principally with the promise of scandalous sex and teens on the road to ruin. How could the ninth-grade me have failed Read the rest of this entry »