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A little while ago Raul wrote about The Art of the Steal. I did indeed recommend it to Raul. I’m not sure I said it was a heist specifically but it did come out of a conversation about heist films. I too love a good heist movie and agree that half the fun is rooting for the what are technically the bad guys – the thieves. Raul Topkapi is super fun and I have been to the actual Topkapi Read the rest of this entry »

Mr. Lousy recommended that I see this, if memory serves me, while we waxed warmly over one of our common favorite genres: the heist film.  The more elaborate the better, I always felt.  Some of them leave me spellbound – Jules Dassin’s glamourous, humorous, gorgeous Topkapi with Melina Mercouri and Peter Ustinov; and Spike Lee’s grey, claustrophobic puzzle Inside Man. Others leave me cold: I’ve wondered what is wrong with me that I can’t even sit through Norman Jewison’s Read the rest of this entry »