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I hate to think that I come off as anti-British, especially taking into consideration how many times I have seen all the James Bond films, having been inculcated by my father as a wee one. I should have been delighted to see Bond worked into the Opening Ceremonies, but I am not impressed with the Queen just “being game” to lend herself to a scene. I want it big, like the finale of a Bond film. Big like Moonraker-in-outer-space-big.

Here’s how I would have fixed it:

First, great to start off with Daniel Craig, but way too long with no action in the halls of Buckingham Palace. No one wants slow-motion, ground-level shots of obese Corgi dogs waddling about during an Olymics Opening Ceremony, certainly not Raúl.

Daniel Craig changes swimsuit history.

Change: Standard shot of Daniel Craig in bed with a redhead face down on a pillow. Read the rest of this entry »

I don’t like that the Olympics are every two years now. I just don’t. It’s less special and there’s something lost when you can’t switch between summer and winter sports at the same time. That’s a pretty neat trick.

Whether you like sports or not, I think most people are interested in the opening ceremony, especially since China’s splashy show in 2008. It really raised the bar into grand spectacle. Film director Zhang Yimou helmed that show and was aided by the Read the rest of this entry »