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Season Two down before the arrival of spring!

It’s a step up from s1, just as I’d remembered, though I didn’t recall the descent into darkness and intensity being so sharp. Angelus may be my favorite villain from the entire series, and it’s not lost on me that my three most-loved episodes from this Read the rest of this entry »

Holy crap. I feel like the cheerleading coach in Witch trying to sort out the best from the alternates. There really were no bad entries here, so everyone makes the team, though some episodes didn’t work as well as stand-alones, and I’ve found on review that I really prefer those that played into the seasonal story arc with The Master. At heart I am a soap fan and I need to ride that continuity for a sense of tension threading the whole together. Yet in terms of setting the characters and tone for the overall series, Read the rest of this entry »