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French actress Sandrine Bonnaire’s documentary about the precipitous decline of her sister’s mental and physical state after spending five years in a psychiatric hospital before being diagnosed primarily with autism.

Elle s'apelle Sabine

Both devastating and hopeful, the film spends most of its time with Sabine, the sister, in her new life at a group home as she struggles to regain what she had lost. We also see the toll that attempting (and failing) to care for her has wrought on Read the rest of this entry »

Community showrunner Dan Harmon with primate performer portraying Annie’s Boobs.

I’ve long felt that Community should be a four-season series.  It’s college after all, and community college is supposed to be for only two years.  I suppose they could stretch it out with some sad-but-true employment/economic commentary, but in this Thursday’s trio-episode season finale (rushed to close out May sweeps thanks to a woefully delayed season premiere from NBC), I started to feel more strongly the “been there, done that” conclusion voiced by Jeff Winger.  Okay, you’ve learned to be friends –  again – and you’ve learned that friendship requires some self- Read the rest of this entry »