Fritz in I Love You Robot

Fritz, like Warren, has a rotten heart. Dare to look into his techno-fascist eyes and try to deny it.

Dave in I Love You Robot

Dave, like Jonathan, has a good heart, but his weaknesses and susceptibility to bad influence doom him.

Fritz and Dave! This tech-geek duo foreshadows The Trio from season six: Warren, Jonathan, and Andrew. These five outcasts provide a peek at another faction of high school: smart but socially inept boys whose underlying, untapped core may be rotten and hateful (Fritz and Warren), somewhat neutral and quite pliable (Andrew), or weakly benevolent and remorseful (Dave and Jonathan). As if Buffy doesn’t have enough on her plate with a hunky bad-boy vampire, she also has to contend with his near opposite: pasty-faced computer nerds. Unfortunately, Read the rest of this entry »