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v14764wrnifJim Hutton is released from a psychiatric institution after he’s cleared of murder charges, but luckily, justice is on his side, in the form of a voodoo-esque amulet that allows him to clinically die for brief periods of time, which he uses to orchestrate the mysterious deaths of the people responsible for his arrest and conviction, as well as the death of his Read the rest of this entry »

220px-Poster_of_the_movie_The_Marrying_KindThe Marrying Kind is a bit of a variation on an old sitcom narrative staple: having various characters tell their version of events to slant the story in their favor. That’s how this movie begins, except that the slanted narration (he says, she says, via voice-over) plays over the images of what actually happened, so that the “true” events are presented visually over the audio “remembered” version. It’s comical at first, and while there are light moments throughout, the movie is not really a comedy. (In fact, it veers into Terms of Endearment Read the rest of this entry »